Animals & Birds

This page is the jumping off point for photos of many of the mammals, birds and reptiles I saw in Africa. You can reach any of the specific pages through the drop down menus below. These pages also provide some information about the animals and their behavior. For even more information, there are several books listed on the Information page.

To offer a preview of what is available, I have collected some of the "greatest hits" on this page.

The most sought-after animals by those making their first trip to Africa are the "Big 5" – the five animals that were considered the most dangerous by hunters: elephant, rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, lion and leopard. For those with more time to spend, however, Africa offers a seemingly endless variety of other mammals and reptiles. On my 2002 trip to Namibia and South Africa, I even got to see some animals one hardly associates with Africa at all: sea lions (locally known as "Cape fur seals") and great white sharks! Africa will also excite anyone with even a mild interest in birds. Species range from the ostrich, the largest bird on earth, through a wide assortment of very colorful birds, to a confusing array of wrens, cisticolas and other "little brown jobs" that only the most ardent enthusiasts will be able to identify.

Finally, once you've mastered the "Big 5" you may want to seek out the "Little 5" – the elephant shrew, the rhinoceros beetle, the buffalo weaver, the ant lion and the leopard tortoise. You're on your own, however. You'll find no photographs of the "Little 5" here. Maybe they will be the focus of a future trip.