Lions Mating II – The Sequel

WARNING: This page is rated "R." It is a bit more graphic than the previous page. If you do not wish to see photographs of lions mating, please select another page.

Here it is! Lions Mating II – the sequel they said could never be made! The sequel that the critics said should never be made. Finally coming to a monitor near you, uncut, in throbbing Technicolor, complete with riveting dialog! Be the first on your block to experience the tender moments, the touching sentiments, and the full pulsating intensity of Lions Mating II – The Sequel!

While in the Masai Mara of Kenya, we came upon a breeding pair of lions. This time, it was the male that instigated the mating – or at least he tried to. The female rebuffed him several times before she was ready. Finally, they got down to business.

As was the case with the lions mating in the Samburu region, the lions here in the Mara paid no attention to the dozen or so vehicles that had gathered around them. Once the mating began, it went very quickly and was over in less than ten seconds. Afterward, both the male and female went back to sleep. We stayed for a while longer as the sun was setting. After about thirty or forty minutes, they mated again for another ten seconds or so. Then it was back to sleep.

When I got home and looked at the slides, I couldn't help imagining a brief story to go along with the photos – perhaps a situation where the "King of the Beasts" has gotten just a little too conceited.

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