Landscapes and Flora of Namibia

For me, the primary attraction of Namibia was its vast and starkly beautiful landscapes. From the Skeleton Coast in the north to the world's highest sand dunes at Sossusvlei, Namibia is very distinct from the rest of Africa.

The flora of Namibia is also as distinct as its landscapes. One excellent area to see the various adaptations plants have made to Namibia's harsh environment is in the Damaraland region. Two of the most unusual plants that have solved the need to store precious water are the bottle tree and the Kokerboom, also known as "quiver tree" because Namibia's San bushmen traditionally used the tree to make quivers to hold their arrows.

Namibia also offers a chance to see the mysterious rock paintings and etchings at Twyfelfontein, which I did visit, and in various other regions of the country, where time did not allow me to visit.

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