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I traveled to Asia for seven weeks during May and June, 1997. It was my first trip to the continent, but I hope not my last. For sheer cultural and geographic diversity, no continent can compete with Asia.

My trip was a combination of prearranged tours and time on my own. I started in Singapore where I had the pleasure of reuniting with old friends that had relocated from New York several years before (they are still in Singapore and love it there). I then joined a prearranged tour, set up by Geographic Expeditions, that took me to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. I spent an extra few days in Bhutan to visit some areas the tour did not include, then returned to Nepal and trekked for a week in the Khumbu region of the Himalayas (an area near Mt. Everest). After a brief two-day stopover in Bangkok, I went on to Japan where I spent a week visiting the ancient imperial capitals of Nara and Kyoto.

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The photos in the window above offer a glimpse of some of the people I encountered during my visit. Below are two additional slide shows that will run in a separate pop-up window devoted to the religious sites and spectacular landscapes of the region.

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    Landscapes of Asia: My seven week trip to Asia did not even begin to scratch the surface of the vast geographical diversity of the world's largest continent. Nevertheless, what small parts I saw were truly magnificent, from the wild mountain peaks of the Himalayas to the tamed and formal Japanese gardens, to the barren reaches of rural Tibet to the lush green valleys of Bhutan. Here's a preview. (25 Photos)  [Preview This Slide Show]
    Religious Sites of Asia: The main religions in the countries I visited were Buddhism and Hinduism, though the forms of worship and the sacred sites took many different forms. Even Buddhist stupas (called chortens in Bhutan and Tibet, chedis in Thailand, and were not seen in any form in Japan) took many unique forms. Here's a brief overview of some the important sites in each country I visited. For more detail, see the individual country pages. (30 Photos)  [Preview This Slide Show]
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