Landscapes of Crimea

The Crimean peninsula boasts some of the most spectacular landscapes on earth. It has high, craggy, cave-pocked mountains that reach to the very edge of the Black Sea. In spring, meadows come alive with vast expanses of poppies and other wildflowers. In many places, hikers are rewarded with grand vistas of the Black Sea or perhaps a scenic village far below.

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More Photos of the Crimean Landscape:

Mt. Demerdji:  Looming over the city of Alushta (Алушта) and the Black Sea coast, Mt. Demerdji (Демерджі, Демерджи) stands 4,065 feet (1,239 meters) above sea level. A hike to the summit offered spectacular views of Demerdji's strange rock formations as well as the surrounding countryside and coastline. (15 Photos)  [Preview This Slide Show]

Spectacular Hiking Near Novi Svet:  The Black Sea resort of Novi Svet (Новий Світ in Ukrainian, Новий Свет in Russian) is known for both its magnificent landscapes and the fine champagne-style wine it produces. A couple days hiking in the mountains along the coast offered some spectacular vistas. (21 Photos)  [Preview This Slide Show]

Hike To Cave Monastery:  On this hike – a combination of two really – the largely abandoned cave monastery called Chok Rock (Чок рок) was interesting, but the real attraction was another opportunity to wander through the magnificent landscapes of Crimea. (18 Photos)  [Preview This Slide Show]

Snake Cave Hike:  Just a few miles west of the city of Simferopol lies a high plateau that made for a wonderful day hike in June, when the fields were brimming with wildflowers. The plateau offered sweeping vistas of the fields below, some curious rock formations and Snake Cave, named for its writhing topology rather than writhing inhabitants. (8 Photos)  [Preview This Slide Show]