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Search Tips: Please note that Google may not have found ALL the pages in this web site, so your search may turn up incomplete results. In addition, some pages may be returned where the search term is used only in a link, rather than in the text. For example, a search for "lions" will return all the pages that link to the "Lions" page. Fortunately, Google is pretty good about putting the best pages first.

Google does not allow "stemming" or "wildcard" searches.  Thus, a search request for "baboon" will not find pages using only the plural "baboons."  The best approach is to add both "baboon" and "baboons" (without the quotation marks) to the "At least one of these words" input box.

Google is not case sensitive.  To Google, "BABOON" is the same as "baboon."  For more information about creating effective search requests using Google, go to:  Basics of Google Search or Advanced Google Searches.