Color Coder II – A Free Downloadable Application to Detect HTML Hexadecimal, RGB and HSL Color Codes

Color Coder II is a small, easy to use, and very helpful application that translates the color you see into the RGB and hexadecimal codes you need to create web pages and other programs.

Color Coder II screen shot

Color Coder II allows you to choose colors several different ways. You can set decimal RGB (red, green, blue) values or you can enter the six-character hexadecimal code.

There are also two dropdown lists. One shows the 141 "X11 Colors" recognized by the W3C organization. These colors can be used by name (instead of code) in web pages, CSS stylesheets and Windows applications. It even includes PapayaWhip! This list can be sorted by color name or by hue. A second list shows the current System Colors based on how your version of Windows is set up.

There is also a button that brings up the Windows color picker dialog. Use it to find a new color, or edit the one you've already selected.

Once you've found the color you're looking for, click the "copy" button and Color Coder II will copy the hexadecimal or RGB codes to the Windows clipboard for easy pasting into the program or web page that you're designing.

Still another way to select a color is by using the Hue, Saturation and Lightness (HSL) sliders. This method offers a very intuitive way of adjusting colors. Once the desired color is found, click the copy button in the HSL area to save the settings to the Windows clipboard.

Perhaps the most useful and most powerful feature of Color Coder II is the "eye-dropper" that lets you pick up any color on your screen, including colors on web pages in your browser, icons on your desktop or programs running in other windows. It operates just like the eye-dropper in Photoshop, except this eye-dropper goes everywhere and can pick up any color that's visible on your screen.

Color Coder II screen shot

You can set the eye-dropper to pick up an area as small as one pixel, or expand the pickup area up to 15 pixels square and receive an average of all the colors found in that area. This averaging feature is helpful when you want to find a color that goes well with a selected area of a photograph that may be a mixture of many colors.

Color Coder II is easy to use. All you need to know is contained in a few pop-up tooltips, like the one shown above. There are only four buttons:

System Requirements & Installation:

Download the Files: (right-click and select "Save Target As ..." or "Save Link As ...")

The Legal Stuff:  Color Coder II is distributed free of charge to anyone who chooses to download it. Color Coder II is made available "as is" and without warranties of any kind, express or implied. It has been thoroughly tested on my Windows XP and Windows 2000 development platforms and has never crashed, hung or caused any other problems. It has not, however, been tested on all the other available platforms. Because it is based on the .NET Framework, Color Coder II should run just as well on all machines that have the Framework installed. If you run into any problems – or if you have suggestions for new features or improvements – please e-mail me using the link at the bottom of the page.

Color Coder II, and its source code, are Copyright © 2007 by Bruce G. Stumpf. All rights have been reserved.