Browser Detection With ASP.NET HttpBrowserCapabilities Class

The following table lists the properties exposed by the HttpBrowserCapabilities object in ASP.NET. For more information about this class and its members, see the Microsoft Developer Network HttpBrowserCapabilities All Members.

Note: The values returned by the HttpBrowserCapabilities object relate to the capabilities of the type of browser as a whole and do not reveal how the individual user has configured his/her particular browser. Thus, the HttpBrowserCapabilities object cannot detect if a given user has, for example, disabled JavaScript or cookies.

Property Name Type Value
ActiveXControls Boolean false
Adapters Collections.IDictionary [Not scalar value.]
AOL Boolean false
BackgroundSounds Boolean false
Beta Boolean false
Browser String Unknown
Browsers Collections.ArrayList [Not scalar value.]
CanCombineFormsInDeck Boolean true
CanInitiateVoiceCall Boolean false
CanRenderAfterInputOrSelectElement Boolean true
CanRenderEmptySelects Boolean true
CanRenderInputAndSelectElementsTogether Boolean true
CanRenderMixedSelects Boolean true
CanRenderOneventAndPrevElementsTogether Boolean true
CanRenderPostBackCards Boolean true
CanRenderSetvarZeroWithMultiSelectionList Boolean true
CanSendMail Boolean true
Capabilities Collections.IDictionary [Not scalar value.]
CDF Boolean false
ClrVersion Version
Cookies Boolean true
Crawler Boolean false
DefaultSubmitButtonLimit Int32 1
EcmaScriptVersion Version 0.0
Frames Boolean false
GatewayMajorVersion Int32 0
GatewayMinorVersion Double 0
GatewayVersion String None
HasBackButton Boolean true
HidesRightAlignedMultiselectScrollbars Boolean false
HtmlTextWriter String
Id String
InputType String telephoneKeypad
IsColor Boolean false
IsMobileDevice Boolean false
Item String
JavaApplets Boolean false
JavaScript Boolean false
JScriptVersion Version 0.0
MajorVersion Int32 0
MaximumHrefLength Int32 10000
MaximumRenderedPageSize Int32 2000
MaximumSoftkeyLabelLength Int32 5
MinorVersion Double 0
MinorVersionString String
MobileDeviceManufacturer String Unknown
MobileDeviceModel String Unknown
MSDomVersion Version 0.0
NumberOfSoftkeys Int32 0
Platform String Unknown
PreferredImageMime String image/gif
PreferredRenderingMime String text/html
PreferredRenderingType String html32
PreferredRequestEncoding String
PreferredResponseEncoding String
RendersBreakBeforeWmlSelectAndInput Boolean false
RendersBreaksAfterHtmlLists Boolean true
RendersBreaksAfterWmlAnchor Boolean false
RendersBreaksAfterWmlInput Boolean false
RendersWmlDoAcceptsInline Boolean true
RendersWmlSelectsAsMenuCards Boolean false
RequiredMetaTagNameValue String
RequiresAttributeColonSubstitution Boolean false
RequiresContentTypeMetaTag Boolean false
RequiresControlStateInSession Boolean false
RequiresDBCSCharacter Boolean false
RequiresHtmlAdaptiveErrorReporting Boolean
RequiresLeadingPageBreak Boolean false
RequiresNoBreakInFormatting Boolean false
RequiresOutputOptimization Boolean false
RequiresPhoneNumbersAsPlainText Boolean false
RequiresSpecialViewStateEncoding Boolean false
RequiresUniqueFilePathSuffix Boolean false
RequiresUniqueHtmlCheckboxNames Boolean false
RequiresUniqueHtmlInputNames Boolean false
RequiresUrlEncodedPostfieldValues Boolean false
ScreenBitDepth Int32 1
ScreenCharactersHeight Int32
ScreenCharactersWidth Int32
ScreenPixelsHeight Int32
ScreenPixelsWidth Int32
SupportsAccesskeyAttribute Boolean false
SupportsBodyColor Boolean true
SupportsBold Boolean false
SupportsCacheControlMetaTag Boolean true
SupportsCallback Boolean false
SupportsCss Boolean false
SupportsDivAlign Boolean true
SupportsDivNoWrap Boolean false
SupportsEmptyStringInCookieValue Boolean true
SupportsFontColor Boolean true
SupportsFontName Boolean false
SupportsFontSize Boolean false
SupportsImageSubmit Boolean false
SupportsIModeSymbols Boolean false
SupportsInputIStyle Boolean false
SupportsInputMode Boolean false
SupportsItalic Boolean false
SupportsJPhoneMultiMediaAttributes Boolean false
SupportsJPhoneSymbols Boolean false
SupportsQueryStringInFormAction Boolean true
SupportsRedirectWithCookie Boolean true
SupportsSelectMultiple Boolean true
SupportsUncheck Boolean true
SupportsXmlHttp Boolean
Tables Boolean false
TagWriter Type [Not scalar value.]
Type String Unknown
UseOptimizedCacheKey Boolean
VBScript Boolean false
Version String 0.0
W3CDomVersion Version 0.0
Win16 Boolean false
Win32 Boolean false