Adjust Your Monitor

In order to see the photos on this web site (and images on the web general) in their true colors, you may need to make some adjustments to your computer's monitor. Using the chart below, adjust the brightness and contrast controls on your monitor so that all the shades from absolute white to absolute black are distinguishable. Also, there should be no traces of color (pink or blue) in the gray scale images below.
Although the chart below suggests setting your monitor to display "at least" 256 colors, to view photographs you should make sure your monitor is set to display at least 16.7 million colors (known as the "high" setting in Windows). To check this setting, right-click on your Desktop, then select "Properties" (or select "Display" in the Control Panel) then "Settings". Choosing more colors provides better color quality on your screen. (Note: Some older games and programs may require running only 256 colors.)
Gray scale
If you are using a Windows based computer, you may have "Adobe Gamma" installed on your computer (check in the Control Panel). If you do, you can follow the directions in Adobe Gamma to make more refined adjustments to your monitor.